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I've been teaching Spanish for over 30 years and I'm still learning new and more effective ways to reach my teaching objectives. I'm here to share. I write book reviews and will share what I'm learning and applying to my teaching. I'm looking forward to hosting some of The Collective's Critical Pedgagogy Book Club's readings and discussions about books on pedagogy. With luck, I'll publish my own book about the pedagogy of teaching literature soon.


  • The Collaborator
    The Collaborator
    For the member contributor with the most publication-collabs and helpful votes
  • The Critical Thinker
    The Critical Thinker
    You have successfully completed the introduction to Bloom's (revised) Taxonomy!
  • Motivated Learner
    Motivated Learner
    You have completed the webinar on Intercultural Development Skills


The Collaborator
The Critical Thinker
Motivated Learner
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