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The Pedagogy4lit Collective

 Intercultural Education Curricular Design and  Consulting

Who We Are

Educational Consulting for a Transformative Curricular Design

The Pedagogy4lit Collective is a diverse group of professional foreign language educators specializing in teaching language, literature and culture that are trained to facilitate intercultural learning and teaching who believe in the importance of promoting diversity in all of its forms and fostering equity in the classroom. Through an intentional curricular design meant for teaching literature in the target language and the conscientious use of an anti-discriminatory teaching approach, the Collective believes we can better facilitate the development of intercultural competence in our students and ourselves. We want to help our peers and colleagues meet the challenges of today while we prepare for the future of teaching by offering guidance and materials for teaching for equity.


The Pedagogy4lit Collective offers learning opportunities for educators  to transform what you teach to be accessible, relative, and collaborative to everyone, making your teaching more impactful in the classroom. We can help individuals and their institutions learn about intercultural teaching and integrate it seamlessly into literature and culture courses.

The Pedagogy4lit Collective offers private consulting, webinars, workshops, mini-webinars in the form of PowerPoint slides for self-guided instruction, and courses for universities, colleges, language departments, support staff, teaching assistants, and language educators to facilitate the design of teaching curricula that support the multicultural mindset for which we all strive.  We provide one-on-one consulting at all levels of the educational process for educators, curriculum coordinators, administrators, textbook designers/authors, and publishers. We give our clients the knowledge and the tools that will help educators and learners to make more meaningful connections with other cultures of the world, while improving their critical thinking, and broadening their multicultural perspectives.

We encourage and endorse the use of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI, LLC); the development of personal Intercultural Competence for both educators and students; the importance of a multicultural mindset in all classroom settings; the integration of anti-racist and anti-discriminatory language, teaching philosophies, activities, and course objectives; and the use of critical pedagogies for the promotion of critical thinking skills. We have the skills and knowledge to meet our needs for promoting equity in the language classroom and we want to share them with you.

What we Offer

The Pedgagogy4lit Collective (and its concomitant subsidiaries "Teach Differently", "Teaching for Equity", and "Identify. Collaborate. Design.") offer learning services to institutions and individuals, opportunities to learn about intercultural teaching and liberatory curricular design with self-directed instructional materials, webinars, courses, and individual consultations. 

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The Pedagogy4lit Collective (and its concomitant subsidiaries "Teach Differently", "Teaching for Equity",  and "Identify. Collaborate. Design") also offer original materials and advice to help our clients develop a learning environment that is accessible to all. Content is accessible according to your level of membership. Most of the materials are donated by the Collective, but some content is under copyright and must be purchased for use. As educators, we are used to sharing our ideas, but all original content should always be credited as the intellectual property of its creator(s).  Please respect our content creators by not removing the name or other ownership information from the materials you find here.

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